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Long-Term Sprint Customers of Little Value

On April 4, 2015 we called to lower our bill and spoke with Erick (ID: I765219285) who told us of a special discount being offered to us as we used very little of the data that we pay for. We have two iPhones and four tablets on our account. We were told that switching to the Family Share of 20GB/month plan would give us a $100.00 discount from April through December of 2015. He gave us his ID number in case the discount was not applied. This would lower our bill to around $220.00.

I called on April 16, 2015 after receiving the bill with no discount ($329.00) and spoke with Marvin (ID: I771087877). After being told that no such discount existed, I requested a supervisor. After being placed on hold three times over forty-five minutes; each time being told that the supervisor was on the phone with another customer, I was told that the April 5 call would be pulled and reviewed. I was told that I would hear something within five to seven business days with no results. It was disappointing that a supervisor would not provide any direct customer service. I looked for other ways to contact other Sprint personnel with no success.

We called again after two additional months of struggle and spoke with Mia. Supposedly, our plan was being changed to $100.00 for the two phone lines with unlimited talk, text, and data. The four tablets were supposed to be changed to $5.00 per month with only 25MB. We are still paying on our phones; but this adjustment would save us at least $50.00 per month. Mia also told us that she was setting up the changes to start on August 6, 2015 (billing cycle begin date). She stated that it would prevent any prorating of fees resulting in a higher bill

Imagine my surprise to get our bill notification with new charges of $396.86. This plan includes the $100.00 monthly fee for the two phone lines The two iPads show at the correct $5.00 single plans with 25MB. The other two tablets, however, still show a 20GB sharing plan at $100.00 plus $10.00 each for access.

Because we have been paying this hefty bill in a couple of payments, a Sprint human customer representative cannot be reached. My only choice is to pay the past due or total balance. Even though I set up a payment online on July 31st for August 13th, we still received a text message of disconnection. When receiving the disconnect message in July, I called *3 and set up a payment date only to still have our service disconnected.

Two tablet contracts expire in September, at which time they will be dropped. The other two tablets and phones expire in May of 2016. This is the only thing keeping us from going to another carrier. It is sad to realize that good long –term customers seem to hold little or no value.

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Cinco de Mayo Comes Early


Wil poses next to a giant Corona beer bottle at the Epicenter.

Wil stands next to a giant Corona beer bottle

Cinco de Mayo came early on a beautiful Saturday in Charlotte.  This giant Corona bottle would have added some nice decor to our front stoop.  Unfortunately they refused to let us take it home.

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Triple Threat

Three faces in the bathroom mirrors.

Three Faces of Denise

NaBloPoMo’s theme for May 2015 is Photo. There is a daily writing/blogging prompt and a bonus photo idea to encourage the use of creativity. The first prompt is about selfies and a picture of one’s self. I hate taking selfies! Therefore, the world gets three of me at once today. Look out! Here I come!!

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First severe storm of the summer

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Emptying of the recycle bin

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chip has a bark fest

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grandma will.

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When Medications Are Beyond Means and Reach

The pharmaceutical market is a racquet! Most of my medications are generic; and thank God they cost me nothing. There are a couple of meds that have no generic counterpart; but they are needed to prevent rejection of my second cornea transplant and help control my blood glucose levels. In this post I will focus on the anti-rejection eye drop, Lotemax. The alternative medication to this one is Predforte with its generic counterpart, Prednisolone. Prednisone prevents corneal rejection via steroid treatment that keeps any type of inflammation to a minimum. The main drawback to this low or no cost drug is the resulting increase in eye pressure in patients with glaucoma due to its steroid component. I am one of those glaucoma patients with the degree of severity requiring the use of all four classifications of drugs used in its treatment. Lotemax performs the same function as Prednisolone minus the steroid induced pressure increase.

The cost of this non-generic medication is astronomical. I was fortunate to receive samples from the doctor along with a bottle or two left behind when Wil’s dad died earlier in the year. When I asked for samples during my last appointment, I was informed by Dr. Marks that he did not dispense medication; but only prescribed it. I am on my last tiny sample bottle and feel squished between a rock and a hard place. My prescription is sitting at Walgreens awaiting the result of the tug of war between Dr. Marks stating that I need the higher drug and the insurance company insisting that I use the prednisone drop instead. If the insurance company does pay for the Lotemax, it will cost me at least $260.00; and count $1200.00 toward my Medicare Advantage doughnut hole. Dad had Tricare for Life; and only paid $9.00 per bottle of the same drug. Medicare Prescription Plans do not cover many eye drops. This is one type of medication that is commonly needed and used in advanced age.

I found some prices for the non-insured online. The Canadian Drug Store sells a single 5ml bottle for $28.99 or six 5ml bottles for $91.49. I have my reservations about ordering my medications from another country. Locally, I found it as low as $143.00 at Walmart and as high as $189.00 at Rite-Aid for one 5ml bottle. There seems to be no regularity, guidelines, or limits when it comes to drug pricing.

I am in a Catch 22 situation. If I use the generic prednisone, I risk irreparable damage to my optic nerve from an increase in glaucoma pressure resulting in eventual total blindness. If I cannot shit the gold needed to purchase the Lotemax, I risk losing my cornea. My situation is not uncommon. There are many others out there who suffer similar Catch 22 situations with their own illnesses and medication needs. There are no easy answers; but I will keep searching and hope for the best.

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I’m Too Sexy for My Shirt!

I am pictured wearing a beautiful blue shirt with decorative beading on the front.

Taken November 18, 2013 at Toastmasters International meet and greet with the International President, CEO, and Board of Directors.

I never thought I’d see the day that I actually felt like I looked good in any outfit. My body image and I have been enemies since early childhood. Growing up in an abusive household began the years of self-loathing, overeating, and a general negativity for life. Years of deep discernment, good therapy, and the support of my wonderful husband, family, and loving friends has changed my outlook to one of great expectations for good things to come. The past couple of years have seen improvement in my overall health with the loss of forty pounds and more than forty-five inches body wide (no pun intended). The change in body mass has brought out the beginnings of shape that I have hidden for many years. I have caught myself enjoying trying on clothes (even dresses – very scary). Most of my adult life, I was quite satisfied to wear baggy, ragged, non-descript clothing that hid all signs of any femaleness. As a matter of fact, it would have been okay with me to have had no gender at all. Now, I am feeling more at ease in my body, mind, and soul. It is taking time and patience for me and my body image to become acquaintances. That is the good start to a real friendship. At age 53, it is not too late for me to feel too sexy for my shirt.

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Drunk bitch!

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