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Long-Term Sprint Customers of Little Value

On April 4, 2015 we called to lower our bill and spoke with Erick (ID: I765219285) who told us of a special discount being offered to us as we used very little of the data that we pay for. We have two iPhones and four tablets on our account. We were told that switching to the Family Share of 20GB/month plan would give us a $100.00 discount from April through December of 2015. He gave us his ID number in case the discount was not applied. This would lower our bill to around $220.00.

I called on April 16, 2015 after receiving the bill with no discount ($329.00) and spoke with Marvin (ID: I771087877). After being told that no such discount existed, I requested a supervisor. After being placed on hold three times over forty-five minutes; each time being told that the supervisor was on the phone with another customer, I was told that the April 5 call would be pulled and reviewed. I was told that I would hear something within five to seven business days with no results. It was disappointing that a supervisor would not provide any direct customer service. I looked for other ways to contact other Sprint personnel with no success.

We called again after two additional months of struggle and spoke with Mia. Supposedly, our plan was being changed to $100.00 for the two phone lines with unlimited talk, text, and data. The four tablets were supposed to be changed to $5.00 per month with only 25MB. We are still paying on our phones; but this adjustment would save us at least $50.00 per month. Mia also told us that she was setting up the changes to start on August 6, 2015 (billing cycle begin date). She stated that it would prevent any prorating of fees resulting in a higher bill

Imagine my surprise to get our bill notification with new charges of $396.86. This plan includes the $100.00 monthly fee for the two phone lines The two iPads show at the correct $5.00 single plans with 25MB. The other two tablets, however, still show a 20GB sharing plan at $100.00 plus $10.00 each for access.

Because we have been paying this hefty bill in a couple of payments, a Sprint human customer representative cannot be reached. My only choice is to pay the past due or total balance. Even though I set up a payment online on July 31st for August 13th, we still received a text message of disconnection. When receiving the disconnect message in July, I called *3 and set up a payment date only to still have our service disconnected.

Two tablet contracts expire in September, at which time they will be dropped. The other two tablets and phones expire in May of 2016. This is the only thing keeping us from going to another carrier. It is sad to realize that good long –term customers seem to hold little or no value.

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