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Racial Profiling in Sales?

I am sure if you ask anyone if they have ever been ignored, they would say yes. However, the type of ignoring is new to me of which I am about to explain.

Racial profiling is still alive and well today. I have seen it done to others, but have never done it or had it done to me until yesterday.

I was not brought up to hate another man because of the color of his skin or treat them differently, but evidently, it is still out there today, despite the movement of the sixties.

Yesterday, I went to Target to trade in my first generation iPad. Both gentlemen were black but served different roles. One guy worked at Target as a salesman and the other was part of the trade-in program. The Target salesman was extremely helpful, but the trade-in guy seemed to not notice me because I was not black. I inquired about the trade-in and found that if I were to want a new iPad Air, I would get over $200 back. If I just wanted to trade in the first gen iPad, I would only get $65. I figured what the hell, let’s just trade this in.

I stood near the counter for at least ten minutes while at least six black customers came up and were assisted eagerly by the trade-in guy. Finally, the salesman from Target asked me if I would like to go ahead with my trade and I said yes. During this exchange, I was only asked direct questions and not given extra small talk like the other customers received. No thank you, no how are you doing, nothing of the sort.

Denise experienced this at Kay Jewler’s two weeks ago pretty much the same way. Now, if I was a store and served people, I would treat everybody the same, no matter their race. It bothers me to no end that this is still ongoing today. Are we a divided nation? it sure looks that way!

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  1. Amanda says

    Wow. That’s pretty shitty.

  2. Pam says

    Has shopped at stores like Walmart and Target and of course the cashiers are predominantly black. I may get a how are you yet the black customer in front of me or behind me gets hey how ya doin? and what seems like a big smile and a conversation

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