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Max Is Going Home

No, Max hasn’t crossed, or is going to cross the Rainbow Bridge any time soon. Max is going to enjoy a happier life than I can currently give him.

For my new areaders, Max is a retired Leader dog who has given me nine and a half years of his life to guiding me and being my companion through good and bad times. He has always been a very happy boy.

Max was officially retired from Leader dog service on July 24, 2013. Titan, Denise’s Leader dog, was retired on the same day. Both boys are Golden Retrievers issued to me and Denise from Leader Dogs for the Blind in Rochester, Michigan.

On August 30, 2013, Titan crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Since then, Max has been looking for him, hoping Titan will appear. When we go out to eat or run errands, Max has no companions dogwise. The poor guy is sad and has no one to accompany him except for our birds. It breaks my heart to see him like this, and I feel it isn’t right to do him this way since he gave me years of enjoyment and companionship.

After talking to Max’s original puppy raisers about taking Max for his final years, I feel Max will get what I cannot give him. He’ll have plenty of dogs, rides, and most importantly, people he knows and that will care for him. He will be going from one warm and friendly home to another. This home can offer him what I can not give him in thanks for his years with me. Max is a part of me, but he is extremely sad here.

I feel like I am betraying him, but he will be much happier in Nebraska. for one thing, he will see snow, something he has not seen since I brought him home in 2004. Max will get to roll in the snow along with other dogs.

Max, thank you for the years you have served me. thank you for the companionship. Thank you for always being there with me through the good times and bad times. I wish I could give you more here, but you will be getting what I cannot give you in Nebraska.

Denise and I will be going to Leader Dogs in January to get successor dogs. If I left you here, you would be more sad because the new guys would be going with us and you would be stuck here at the house.

Be a good boy for your puppy raisers. I hope to see you in pictures and videos. I’m sure I’ll be kept up to date on how you’re adapting to your retirement home.

Love Wil and Denise

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  1. Mary Holden says

    My heart breaks over Titan. We lost our Yoshi earlier this year and still haven’t stopped hurting. So sorry that Max is leaving you, but you are doing the right thing for him. It would break his heart to see that you have another dog to help you. I wish you and Denise all the best with your new dogs, although I know neither of you will forget the ones who came before.Blessings.

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