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Is the Health Department God?

The Health Department does inspection on restaurants here in the Augusta area. Why am I telling you this? Read on to see why this post is titled the way it is.

I brought Chip home on Friday the 31st of January. The following day, Denise, Amanda, Barbara, DJ and I went to eat at Dairy Queen located at 2837 Central Avenue. We normally eat there after Denise finishes with her weight Watchers meeting.

After we placed our orders and finished our meals, I proceeded to go outside. The proprietor walked outside with me. He expressed a concern about having my Leader Dog in the building. He wanted me to tie chip up outside the restaurant.
He was not denying me access, rather, he was concerned with his ratings with the Health Department. I told him the Health Department should honor the laws regarding service animals. He was familiar with the laws, but he also told me different inspectors grade differently. I told him I would talk with the Health Department to make sure it was not going to cause his establishment to get cited for something that is fuly legal.

This morning, I attempted to call the Health Department at (706) 721-5800. The phone rang 20 times with no answer. I thought I would write this post instead and share it. It seems you cannot reach anyone by phone anymore these days.

Share this post, please! I’ll update when new information comes available.

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